Fireworks are set to take flight for Cochrnites this evening to wrap up the Canada Day festivities. While the sights and sounds are amazing for humans, pets might not have the best time with the unexpected booms and light shows.

"I do know a lot of dogs that get really stressed out about it" explains Dr. Michaela Bartolini with Arrowhead Veterinary Centre. "They have no idea what's going on. They'll shake, they can pant, they can drool, they might tear around your house or try to escape. Some dogs will take off and jump out of the yard and do crazy things."

While fireworks can cause quite the disruption, there are plenty of ways to keep your furry friend safe on Canada Day.

"First of all, don't leave them in your backyard. Have them inside. Preferably if you can put them somewhere away from windows or anywhere that they can see flashing lights. Maybe a basement is a good idea."

"You can have muffled sound so we'll tell people to put on a radio or white noise or even put on something that has a beat to it so that they don't recognize fireworks versus the music that's going on."

In the scenario that your put does get spooked and breaks loose, it is important to have the animal registered, microchipped, and wearing a tag with contact details.

Cochrane's Canada Day fireworks display is set to launch at 10:45 p.m. Friday evening.