Camping season is just around the corner and Cochranites are anxious to get their RVs out of storage and close to home.

As of this Sunday, May 1 Cochrane residents can park their RVs and trailers on the driveway again. 

The Town of Cochrane reminds residents to be good neighbours and limit one trailer per driveway and ensure that parking stalls are not obstructed.

Also, to not sleep, prepare food, or use personal hygiene facilities in the RV when parked. 

Recreational vehicles that are allowed driveway parking include:

  • travel trailers 
  • motor homes 
  • horse and utility trailers 
  • boat and watercraft trailers

According to the Traffic Bylaw, a recreational unit cannot be parked on a roadway any longer than 72 hours and must remain attached to the tow vehicle.