Bow Valley High Drama Students are inviting everyone to enjoy a celebration of art and creativity at the RancheHouse Theatre on December 14.

Grades 10, 11 and 12 students will be presenting new and innovative projects that the students created themselves.

Adrienne Fossheim, Bow Valley High School, Drama Teacher, says it is a vignette style of show and the students will be showcasing different units they learned such as Choral speaking, creating a presentation based on masks they built, as well as showing off their silent film projects.

"Myself as well as Mrs. West will be down introducing all of the acts. We'll actually be playing some silent black and white old fashioned movies. They filmed them themselves and directed, acted, and wrote the stories. It was the first time we tried that for a movement unit. It worked out well."

Fossheim adds she believes everyone that comes to watch will be very impressed with the talent of these students.

"I think they'll just get a really interesting feel of that organic, art and creativity that is coming out of high school students these days."

 The show begins at 7 P.M. and admission is free.