On Monday August 1, the Cochrane and District Agricultural Society will host one day Horse Trials.

Cochrane Horse Trials are taking up to 80 entries for the eventing competition which is basically equestrian triathlon.

Julie Simard, Organizer for Cochrane Horse Trials, says competitors will be put to the test on dressage, show jumping, and cross country.

Simard says while the group is used to hosting a two day event, packing everything in to one day is a first for them.

"It is done a lot in the East and in Europe, but we haven't done these in Alberta but we thought we would give it a try to see how competitors find it."

Packing all the events into one day is taxing on the rider and the horse.

"You are asking the horse (all events are done with the same horse and rider) to do all three phases in one day, so it is a bit more demanding. Your time schedule is quite tight because you need to move among the three areas."

Competing in Horse Trials can see riders from 6-80 years of age and at all levels of ability.

"For some people it is just an opportunity to do something different, others are more competitive and they have higher aspirations. In general, people go into it and progress through the levels so they start with very simple dressage tests and low heights in terms of show jumping, and as they get more experience and they show that they are safe while they are doing this then they can have access to a higher level of competition."

The Cochrane Horse Trials will see riders from all over Alberta, as well as few from neighbouring provinces.

Spectators are welcome and encouraged to come watch and cheer riders/horses on at the Cochrane AG grounds.