The forecast looked great, especially for the last Saturday in May so we decided it was the perfect day to take the boat onto the water for the first time this year.

It didn't really work out for us. 

We drove out to Ghost Lake, the sun was shining. We had snacks packed and the kids were eager to blow up the tube and go tubing. 

Then we pulled up to the parking lot and saw that everyone else in the province had the same idea as us. 

We looked at each other as my husband pulled into the lineup for the boat launch (behind about 15 other vehicles) said "this is no biggie, we can do this".

I am not the most experienced boat driver and I am definitely not comfortable pulling and parking the truck and boat trailer.

So after waiting in the boat launch line for about 25 minutes we were up next.

It was so busy at this point with at least a dozen boats in the water near the launch, people everywhere and the wind had picked up. A lot. 

In the end, we chickened out (mostly I chickened out and my husband agreed that it wasn't worth the risk of me potentially wrecking the boat).

So, we drove out of the line and we went back home. We'll try this again on a weekday when it's less busy and less windy. 

But I want to know... Were you one of the hundreds of people who braved the crowded parking lot and boat launch and went onto Ghost Lake this weekend?

Let me know 

~ Lauren