In Cochrane we have been enjoying an average to above average warm fall season. It goes without says that we will take it as long as Mother Nature is handing it out. Environment Canada Meteorologist, Dan Kulak says it will stick around for at least another five to seven days. 

"In the next five to seven days we maybe have the possibility of freezing temperatures onto the weekend, but for the rest the week it does look like temperatures are above the zero mark. We are getting kind of close at times on some of these nights, but really we are getting into the middle part of October here and it's time to be thinking about the fact that winter weather is not that far away."

The season has also seen below average precipitation amounts. Kulak points out, "In July there was 72 mm of rain compared to an average of 65 mm which is close to normal. But, then in August only 13 mm and the average is 57 mm so well below normal. The month of September, 18 mm versus an average of 45 mm so again, well below normal. So we have had sort of a drying trend here at least for going into the third month now."

Sadly, it may be time to accept the fact that we need to be mentally preparing for the arrival of winter season. Kulak adds with a chuckle, "We can milk the warm weather as long as we can, but you know Mother Nature, the astronomical factors, and orbit of the earth around the sun those things are changing and that leads to winter."

So get out and enjoy while the getting is good.