The staff and residents at Bethany Cochrane have been able to enjoy the sweet smell of spring in the air over the last week. 

They received a huge flower delivery from Martina Holmes at Flower Centre Calgary after she had to close her store because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Administrator with Bethany Cochrane Jennifer Vance says it's been such a nice treat for the over 100 residents and over 120 staff members. 

"Our residents, with the help of our recreation team spent the day arranging bouquets that are still today displayed throughout the entire care centre. There were so many flowers that the staff were actually able to make bouquets for each of the staff members who were working as well."

Vance says spirits are good there and residents and staff are working together to make the best of the situation. 

"We are doing a lot of window visiting right now and Facetiming with family and friends as we stay inside. As well at our front doors we have a little vestibule inside the first door and we have a drop box and we are receiving letters of encouragement, pictures from children for our residents and it's so very encouraging and it's so appreciated by our staff and our residents."

She says they've had to make a few adjustments but everyone is stepping up to make the days brighter. 

"We have staff going above and beyond everyday inside of this building as we continue to serve and love and care for our residents. Front line staff have turned into everything from curling residents hair because we don't have a hair dresser right now to all of those little extras including taking that time to Facetime with their loved ones to making those window visits happen."