Funds raised at the 7th annual Hair of the Dog have shattered expectations.

A total of $42,531 was contributed to the Cochrane and Area Humane Society from a highly sociable night at The Venue Bar and Grill on Sept. 25.

For a mere $40, over 160 people (with COVID restrictions in place) enjoyed a full course dinner with live music while participating in a silent auction, live auction, and 50/50 raffles.

Event founder Kendra Watt says they were thrilled to be able to return to a live event after going virtual last year.

"We knew it was going to be a big event, we just didn't know it was going to be over $40,000, so we're absolutely pumped," says Watt. "We were hoping for about $20,000 so we've doubled our expectations, but we've guessed low these last few years, so we were pleasantly surprised."

She says the generosity demonstrated gives her goosebumps and shows how genuinely supportive the community is of the humane society.

"We know everybody's gone through hardships in the last 18 months, so we tried to ask for as little as possible, but people in this community just don't stop giving."

CAHS executive director Janine Rossler says they feel honoured, privileged, and grateful for the support received over the last seven years from Hair of the Dog.

She says the money allows them to care for so many animals, providing everything from basic care to specialized surgeries and rehabilitation.

Rossler says those involved not only support the work of the humane society but should also be saluted for their ongoing support of the community.

"Each of the organizers and the sponsors for the event provide needed and professional services to the community, each in their own way and all of them support the shelter as well. We couldn't be more honoured to be on the receiving end."

This fun night was sponsored by Kendra Watt Real Estate Group - CIR Realty, Erol's Automotive, NAPA Autopro, Global Pet Foods Cochrane, Springfield Kennels, Chew Chew Pediatric Dentistry, and Royal Mechanical Services. Many others contributed auction items.

Hair of the Dog 2The typical cheque presentation shot takes a few minutes, but when you add adorable puppies like this to the mix... well time loses all meaning.