On an historical night in Alberta's political landscape Danielle Smith won the United Conservative Party leadership race.

And it all came down to the final ballot after six rounds of tallying votes.

As five of the seven candidates dropped off, as a leader can only be chosen once more than 50 per cent has been achieved, it came down to Smith and Travis Toews.

After the final votes were counted Smith won with 42,423 votes (53.77%) over Toews' 36,480 votes (46.23%). 

Smith led her acceptance speech with an exuberant "I'm back!" to resounding applause.

She thanked fellow candidates including Premier Jason Kenney, while encouraging the party members to remain united and strong.

With what Smith referred to as "a new chapter in the Alberta story" she said "It's time for Alberta to take its place as a senior partner to build a strong and united Canada." "No longer will Alberta ask for permission from Ottawa to be prosperous and free."

Smith also thanked fellow party members as she wrapped up her acceptance speech pledging "I will not let you down".

84,593 votes were cast by party members.

Smith will be sworn in as Alberta's 19th Premier on Tuesday.


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