The impending relaunch for Alberta on Thursday is on everyone's mind, especially Dr Deena Hinshaw's. As usual, she offered some sage advice for Albertan's. 

"As we move into our relaunch, I encourage all Albertans to help reinforce these new social norms with each other. Once we re-open we want to stay open and we want businesses to be successful and Albertans to stay safe. I also want to encourage all of us to be kind to each other, as we remind each other of these new social norms. This is a new world we are all navigating and being kind and compassionate will help us all." 

Dr Hinshaw reiterated that extensive guidelines have been laid for businesses for the relaunch. However, she also asked businesses to think about, "What mechanisms they can put in place so patrons can understand what is required of them. Business operators know their business better than AHS can. It's a two way street, customers and business operators are both responsible for being safe and using common sense." 

Dr Deena announced 1361 active cases in the province with 4866 recovered. Seventy three people remain hospitalized with 12 in ICU. There have now been 3173 tests performed in the past 24 hours yielding 45 new cases. The death toll has risen to 118 with one more death being recorded today. 

There are 105 active cases in continuing care facilities across the province  with 559 recovered. Cargill now has 25 active cases with 920 recovered. JBS in Brooks has 44 active cases with 582 recovered and Harmony Beef has 12 active cases with 28 recovered.

In the Cochrane/Springbank area there is 19 cases with 17 recovered and 2 active.