Like other Albertans, Airdrie-Cochrane MLA Peter Guthrie is anxious to get back to business. But he also appreciates it's important to move cautiously on reopening the province.

The last thing we need is an uptick in COVID-19 cases, says Guthrie.

He says Alberta did a good job of creating room in hospitals to treat  COVID cases. Normally, Alberta hospitals operate at 100 per cent capacity but postponing non-essential surgery help create space.

Alberta is now allowing a controlled number of elective surgeries to now go ahead as one of the initial measures to relaunch Alberta.

"I think it was prudent to allow the elected services to begin again," says Guthrie.

But he believes we need to mindful that we're not through this yet.

"We would not have the capacity to handle major outbreak so we want to be slow and meticulous with how we roll this out. As long as everybody does their best to respect the social distancing protocols, I think we're going to be good."

On May 4, Guthrie and his son Mitchell participated in a grassroots initiative to thank frontline workers. Over the last four weeks, it has seen volunteers deliver coffee, doughnuts, and in some cases gift cards to about 30 locations in town.

Guthrie says he appreciates being provided the opportunity to join in.

"When we went to Big Hill, four of the staff came to the door in their masks, and you could tell it meant a lot of them to have us come by."

Guthrie has also given blood and volunteered with meals on wheels, but largely he's been answering numerous inquiries from individuals, businesses, and organizations.

"Mainly, people want to be able to get things off their chest and voice their opinion. I'm happy to listen."

He says a week ago he could tell people were getting a bit antsy. He believes laying out the government's relaunch plan was important.

"One of the worse things is just having that uncertain, so we thought it was important to bring the plan forward. I think it's providing a lot of relief."