The explosion in town projects this year will not only address infrastructure issues but will also create jobs and help stimulate the Alberta economy.

This spring, $41.65 million in major capital projects get underway, plus smaller, yet value undertakings.

So far, most noticeable is the initial work on the $13.8 million upgrade to Highway 1A corridor through Cochrane from east of Centre Ave. to west of 5th Ave. Mature trees were fallen in advance of the return of migratory birds. The project will be going full gear in May.

There is also the construction of the $4.85 transit hub/innovation centre on Railway St. and the new $23 million Protective Services Building.

All are multi-year projects that have been on the books for several years. Having construction begin this year times out well with the need to stimulate the Alberta economy, believes Mayor Jeff Genung.

"It doesn't help if we wait too long," he says. "People need to get back to work, and money needs to flow into the economy this year. These projects need to happen regardless, so taking advantage of this year right now is exactly the plan."

"I am excited. It's great to see all the plans start to come to fruition and get some much-needed infrastructure caught up in our community."

The town has been pro-active in promoting opportunities for local companies and workers to participate in the projects.

"I've always heard that local businesses would like a shot at town projects, and it makes perfect sense. So, we've gotten out in front of it this time to make sure that people are aware that tenders are going out and they can have their business supply or being involved with maybe a contractor that wins the overall bid, and who it is to be in contact with if they want to be involved."