Sunday, March 8 is International Women's Day and there is a local group of Cochranites that recognize the power of women year round. The Women Entrepreneurs of Cochrane was created by Koalby Bodja. She found she was meeting other entrepreneurs at trade shows and saw the need for business women to get together. Bodja was "really feeling empowered with how many female entrepreneurs that there were in Cochrane and thought we really should start getting together and brainstorm ideas, supporting each other in the community because business can get pretty lonely."

Since then, the idea and the group has grown. It started with a group of five and now there are usually about 25-40 women who cycle in and out on a monthly basis. The group meets on the last Wednesday of every month at 6 pm at different establishments in Cochrane. The group has also evolved to platforms online, on Facebook and Instragram.

It started out with each woman being given the opportunity to speak about her business. The group is about empowerment and relationships with female to female that may be going through the same stuff.

Bojda says,"We have seen it grow because there are so many wonderful females in Cochrane and the group has definitely become and outlet for people to connect not just about business."

To go to Women Entrepreneurs of Cochrane Facebook page click here