Cochrane administration is continuing to research the idea of a cultural hub.

With the new aquatic centre being built the question begs whether the old pool site is the ideal spot.

Nestled in the central part of town, administration is investigating if this is the ideal spot.

Town of Cochrane, Senior Manager Community Services, Suzanne Gaida says the area has been in discussion for a number of years and part of a feasibility study. With council's endorsement to continue research, Gaida is hoping to hear community feedback.

"Now that the facilities will be moving, it is an important time to really get back to the community and talk about what should be there. Asking council to endorse this site as a potential site for a community facility was important so we can continue looking at what's the best fit for that site."

Administration is looking at the idea of an arts/cultural centre with a twist.

"What we've looked at is this idea of a community cultural hub or an arts facility and maybe more than that and meeting the needs of the greater community. We've talked to a number of individual targeted stakeholders, just ones we knew were looking for more space or would fit. What we don't want to do is build something that is only open on the weekends, we want to look at something that is vibrant during the day and night."

In past discussions, Gaida, says residents want the space to remain a community and open space.

"Should a community cultural hub go there as a community space? Should we put something in there that the whole community can enjoy, and then what should be in there?!"

With the project not included in the 10 year financial plan, Gaida says, this project is nowhere near breaking ground and community discussion will be strongly encouraged.

"We are still at the very beginning stages, first of all we need to know can we put something there? The uses that are there now already have some constraints with traffic and access to the site, so we need to really look at what the constraints are and if we intensify the use on that site what are the plans for traffic and access? We want to take the time to investigate."