A recent funding announcement by Ottawa is being well-received.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced 10 billion dollars in Infrastructure Funding last week.

Included in that is $1.5 billion dollars for agricultural irrigation projects in Western Canada, including the addition of an estimated 700,000 acres of newly irrigated land.

Keith Currie, First Vice-President with the Canadian Federation of Agriculture is pleased with the investment.

"You're going to start seeing an increase in yield, you're going to see crop diversification. It's going to open up doors for our farmers to expand into areas that they can grow into and crops that they can grow into. It also means stability for that water source, consistency and stability, which will then allow us that diversification that we're looking for. So, there's a lot of aspects to it and essentially it's going to allow us to continue to feed the world."

In July, Premier Scott Moe announced a $4 Billion Irrigation Project for Lake Diefenbaker.

The three-phase ten-year project will irrigate up to 500,000 acres of land from Lake Diefenbaker and more than double the irrigation land base in Saskatchewan.

At the time of the announcement Saskatchewan was seeking federal funding to help support the planning work and will be seeking significant longer-term funding for the project.