The temperatures continue to rise in Cochrane but is it enough to break weather records?

"You did actually break a record for the Cochrane area yesterday" explains Justin Shelley, a meteorologist with Environment Canada  "The daytime high yesterday was 25.7 degrees and the previous record was 22, which was set in 1987."

"I will note that the records for the Cochrane area specifically are significantly shorter than, say the Calgary area. The records in Cochrane only go back to 1984, whereas the records in Calgary go back to 1881."

Shelly says Cochranites can expect May 2023 to go down as one of the hottest in history.

"The next two days, May 3 and 4 are forecasting for 27, and the records are 25.5 and 26.2, respectively. It's very likely to break a couple of daily records over the next few days in the Cochrane area."