It happens every year and every year I think to myself that I really should be carrying bear spray with me. 

We live in such a beautiful town with so much nature and natural areas that sometimes we forget that a lot of wildlife live here too. 

There was a bear spotted by several people in Cochrane yesterday afternoon and into the early evening. 

I was out on the paths near Riviera and heard from three people that they had seen the bear wandering around the new Jack Tennant Memorial Bridge and close to the Bow River. 

This guy was spotted just south of the old iron bridge on Tuesday evening. 

Last summer there was a bear that hung around the neighbourhood and was nicknamed Pierre the Bear. 

He was spotted on and off for several weeks but never showed any danger to the public. 

I don't worry about myself seeing a bear but my kids are always so far ahead of me on the paths so I do sometimes wonder if I should have bear bangers or bear spray with me. 

Luckily my kids are very loud and they probably scare off any wildlife that could be near us. 

I think we're very fortunate to live here and regularly see wildlife but I think we also need to be smart and be respectful so we can all stay safe.  

Did you spot the bear yesterday? Send us your photos if you did -

~ Lauren