Details are scarce right now, but we now know that Cochrane Light Up will be a go again for 2020. 

Back in July, Light Up organizers announced that they had to make the extremely difficult decision to cancel the beloved event this year. 

It's going to be different this year because having a crowd that attracts thousands of people to downtown Cochrane isn't feasible in these COVID-19 times. 

Stephenie Shelstad with Cochrane Light Up says it's going to be a virtual event, and the key will be for people to stay home because they'll have more fun at home.

"We're probably going to be looking at a competition, looking at families and how they're being festive and creative the night that we're going to do our surprise."

"I want to see if you've got any secret hot dog recipes or hot chocolate, so get working on those kinds of things."

Shelstad says this is an opportunity for Cochranites to have something big and exciting to look forward to as we head into a very different Christmas season. 

"We need to let Santa know that Cochrane is still celebrating Christmas, so there's going to be an element of that brought in."

"I felt myself very lost when the snow started to fly as to why am I doing nothing when I have for the last eight years. So my wheels got into motion. This has been a dream of mine to do this for Cochrane Light Up since I started doing this eight years ago. It's very nice seeing it come to life."

She says they're ironing out a few details and will let all of Cochrane know soon how and when the event will play out this year.