Cochrane's Jassi Trimming has started her year-long journey as a member of the Miss Filipina International Royal Court.

On July 30, she was named 1st runnerup at Coronation Night at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Centre in Los Angeles.

Jassi says it was an exciting experience and particularly nerve-racking when she was one of the final three contestants. Despite the nervousness, she said it was also a lot of fun to be there.

"It was beautiful," she says. "I only had my mom and sister in the performing arts centre. but I knew that out there in the Philippines and here in Cochrane and Calgary I could feel all of the support coming my way, and I was ready to rock that stage."

The coronation night followed a memorable week of preparation. The 24 contestants participated in several workshops leading up to the final night of judging.

"We had one coach who was a trainer for Miss Universe train us," she says. "It was beautiful because I learned how to have my posture ready for the night and I think that's what got me through to the top 10."

She treasures the time spent bonding and exploring LA with the other contestant.

"I think one of the best things about this pageant is the bonding and having fun with everyone. I would recommend this pageant to any young girl who wants to experience and grow into a lady with confidence."

Jassi was one of only three contestants from Canada and represented Alberta. The other two were from Toronto and Vancouver.

Most others were from California and Nevada.

"They'd always tell me I've very Canadian because they said I'm very kind, sweet, and caring."

She says she found the other contestants to be equally kind and caring.

Each contestant had to answer a question, and hers was what she considered to be her ideal man.

Jassi said she was a little flustered with the question.

"I was very nervous and repeated myself, and the judges laughed. I think they saw it as a genuine thing. I just had to answer to what I thought was an ideal man, so I said what I thought--someone who would understand me and who would accept me for who I am." 

Now only a few days after being selected, she leaves for the Philippines tonight.

"I have a lot of duties, and I am excited to see my accomplishments throughout my reign."

Jassi 2