A fun combination of drumming, Beatles, and a live concert is instore at a genuine musical first for Cochrane this Saturday afternoon (June 22) at the Cochrane Alliance Church.

Students of the Cochrane Drum Tutor will be taking turns laying down the iconic and quirky drum beats of Ringo with Calgary's top Beatles cover band "All You Need is Love."  

The crowd at "John, Paul, George and 30 Ringos" will be treated to a musical journey featuring 30 Beatles classics from breakthrough hits like "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" to "Get Back."

All You Need is Love will appear as the Beatles from their mop-top days for the first 16 songs. They'll return after intermission with their Sgt. Pepper's look for the balance of the recital concert.

Brief bios on each drummer will be flashed during their performance and some fabbo snaps will be available from an event photographer.

A bundle of musical prizes is up for grabs from a Beatles trivia quiz. Plus, those attired in groovy 60s fashions could walk away with a $300 pair of Maui Jim sunglasses.

beatles treatsCool themed snacks have been prepared for the performance. (photo submitted)

Sure to be a hit with the crowd are the cool Beatles cookies and cupcakes especially made for the event.

In the main foyer of the church, people will have a chance to chat with music tutors who provide instruction on a number of other instruments, from piano to saxophone.

Doors open at 1:30 p.m. and the performance begins at 2. It's best to get your tickets in advance here.

Drum Tutor Edward Allen, a seven-year Cochrane resident, says he has been encouraged to do a drum recital but didn't want it to be the typical affair. He was looking for a fuller, interactive experience for his students and a concert the public could come enjoy.

All You Need is LoveJohn, Paul and George from All You Need in Love will be performing with the drummers. (photo submitted)

That's where All You Need is Love entered into the picture. Allen approached the band when they performed here in March and, after some back and forth, the details were ironed out.

"They've spent time to work on this with me to make it something that's hopefully going to be kind of coherent on the day. They've gone above and beyond, and I really I owe them a lot for that."

The drummers range in age from 4 to over 50 and have been putting in a lot of hard day's nights over the last three months perfecting their performances.

"They're doing great work. They've really nailed these songs," says Allen.

"The younger ones are nervous, but at the end of the day, I've been saying to them all this week you've done the hard work, now you're going to do your best on the day, but make sure you really just enjoy it."

He says he wants them to experience everything involved in presenting a concert from set up to the final rehearsal to the actual performance.

It's also a chance to make friends in the music community. 

"A lot of these drummers don't know each other, even though they're very similar age. It will be very nice for them to swap their own war stories with other musicians."

Cash MoulderUnfortunately drumming student Cash Moulder has a previous commitment, but a cool video will be shown of him performing "Help." (photo submitted)

So, why Ringo?

Shortly after he first started playing drums in England at a young age, Allen stumbled across a cassette of early Beatles music while rummaging around the backseat of his dad's Ford Cortina.

"I plugged it in, and it just really resonated with me. It was different from what I was hearing on the radio. Over the years as my experience has grown, I've become much more aware of how special Ringo was in that band. I know he's not always credited, being surrounded by such immense talents as the other three, but as a drummer, he's quirky and he was exactly the right guy for them, which I think what's really important." 

Allen started providing instruction quite by chance after moving to Cochrane. A friend of his son wanted to learn drums. The parents knew Edward had a kit and asked if they could teach him.

It has snowballed from there, very slowly at first. 

"What's nice is I've been able to hopefully leverage a great deal of experience as an educator in universities, and mentoring clients in terms of the style I use now with students, plus a deep love of drumming in general. It started off as a bit of a hobby and it's just built and built and built, and I have a lot of fun doing it so."

He now regularly tutors up to 50 drummers.