It is no secret that Cochrane is home to the best kids in the world! CochraneNow’s Kid Of The Week is all about shining the spotlight on some of those amazing kids so they know just how amazing they are.

This week, Jordy is CochraneNow’s Kid Of The Week and this is the nomination we received for him from his mom. “My son has always been such a caring and loving child. From taking care of our pets and wildlife, supporting his friends when they are feeling down, and help care for his two younger siblings. I know I can always rely on Jordy. He is always so considerate of others and their feelings. He loves to make new friends and involve everyone. This school year, our neighborhood was rezoned which meant Jordy would have to attend a new school. I was scared for him! I was worried about what he would say and how he would react since he would be leaving his friends from K-2 that he had made at Rancheview. But clearly, I had nothing to worry about because when I told him, he was thrilled and accepted the challenge to make new friends and start at a new school.”

“On Halloween night he took his younger sister trick or treating with him and as we watched them both walk up to the doors, he made sure she said thank you and happy Halloween. He watched out for her when coming downstairs and walking in the dark so that she wouldn't trip. That's what big bros are for! They had a blast and we also thank the amazing citizens of Cochrane for putting on a great Halloween this year....all of our kids deserved it after the year we have had!”

Jordy has won a Mr. Mike's gift card for being a great big brother and an overall great kid. Do you know an amazing kid? Let us know here.