According to Alberta Parks, nearly 100,000 Kananaskis Country conservation passes have already been sold since the new program kicked off last month.

As a result the province has brought in approximately $6.2 million in revenue. 

96,816 passes have been sold so far. 

Of those, more than 37,000 were single and multi-day passes and almost 60,000 of them were annual passes. 

Every vehicle that stops in Kananaskis Country must have a pass.

Those who arrive by other means, such as on bike, foot, or horseback, are exempt from paying the fee.

It's $15 for a day pass or $90 for a seasonal pass. Those choosing the annual pass can have up to two license plates registered.

You could be slapped with a $150 fine for personal vehicles without a pass and $350 for commercial vehicles. 

All revenue from the conservation fee will help support Kananaskis Country in areas like enforcement, recreational services, and rescue service.