Planning on travelling over the holidays? Make sure you keep your home safe.

Cochrane RCMP, Corporal Troy Savinkoff, says break and entry will happen all year around, but seems more callus over the holidays. With so many people travelling during this time, these criminals’ will always be on the lookout for houses that look like no one has been home for an extended period of time. There are many ways to combat that:

  • having your driveway shoveled
  • mail picked up
  • lights can be left on, on a timer is best
  • security systems
  • keep travel plans off social media
  • hide Christmas gifts from sight

Savinkoff says that these methods won't necessarily keep someone from breaking into your home, but will deter some criminals.  Jewellery, petty cash, and smaller items that can be carried easily and have a higher price tag once out of the house, are often targeted.

"Typically if someone is going to break into a home, and there are two homes side by side, one with an alarm and one that doesn't, they will target the homes without first."

Savinkoff says an extra measure of safety is to make sure  if you do get broken into is to check to see if any extra set of car keys, or garage door openers are missing; as the people doing the break and enter may come back at a later date to take a vehicle.

Cochrane RCMP often see criminals working in tandem; with one individual being a female who will go up to the doors and knock to see if anyone is home, and create a random reason for being there if the homeowner answers the door.  He encourages residents to contact the RCMP if they see or get a feeling of suspicious activity.