Premier Kenney provided a COVID 19 numbers update on Friday saying there were 239 new cases in the province. He recognized it was a large increase, but due mainly to the increased testing being done which has he put it, "Isn't a bad thing." To date the province has done 89,144 tests with an average of 1974 per day.

The total number of cases in the province is 2397 with 1124 recovered. Thankfully, there were no new deaths to report with that total remaining at 50. 

Kenney praised AHS in it's ability to adapt to the trajectory of the virus and provide testing where needed. With that he said that starting immediately the province would ramp up testing in continuing care facilities and begin testing all residents and staff in a facility that has an outbreak whether they are showing symptoms or not. Kenney says, "More must be done." to protect the most vulnerable.