Canadian/Albertan/Cochrane kids have received a failing grade in physical activity again, according to Participaction. The 14th edition of the physical activity report card gave kids a D+ for overall physical activity and screen time, and a failing grade for overall movement behaviour.

Ashley Fox with Sport 4 Life Cochrane says she appreciates the report card in her field because, "One of the things we are sometimes lacking in this field of physical activity, sport, recreation is some of the data that helps to drive how we approach things and how we support the communities that we are working in with Cochrane being one of them of course."

Like with everything else in the world, the COVID 19 pandemic had an adverse effect on the physical activity of kids as well. Fox says interestingly enough, the report was compiled before the pandemic and it contained the recommendation of "family activity". Of course once the pandemic struck it eliminated organized sports, extracurricular and school, so the onus was put on the family even more to be active together. Fox says, with the schools and recreation centre closed, "It is really getting more challenging to ensure that children and youth are getting this development time." 

Fox says one of her greatest concerns with the report was, "We got an F grade in active play. What active time/play might look like is just encourage creative and exploratory and free play at every age. Just exploring, taking a ball outside, going into nature building a fort any of those kinds of things are so good for our brains, they're good for taking a break, they're good for stress." 

Fox encourages families to check out the Be Fit For Life website for activity ideas.