If you have a child who loves everything about space there's a new club that they'll likely want to be a part of. 

The AstroNuts Kids' Space Club kicks off next week at Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre. 

Space Expert and organizer Ray Bielecki says "AstroNuts is all about inspiring kids to learn about space and science. To me, science is imagination. It's igniting children's curiosities and when children's curiosities and imaginations are ignited they come alive."

He says the club will focus on a wide range of topics "We're going to talk about Mars, we're going to talk about Gateway, we're going to talk about Artemis and going to Mars. On the last day in June we are going to have a rocket launch day. We are going to have low-altitude real fun badminton birdie rockets.You just get a badminton birdie, put a motor in, point it and it goes about 100 yards but it does the craziest swirl once it leaves the gantry."

Bielecki says he's always had a passion for science and space since watching Apollo 11 land on the moon and his father worked on the Canadarm so he formed a club with his son a decade ago in Ontario which often featured Astronaut Dr. Dave Williams as a guest speaker.

He says "It's been such a passion and so much fun to see kids inspired and learning and growing with science and STEM and steam, it's fantastic so I wanted to start up AstroNuts."

Registration is open for kids 7-12 years.

The club runs Tuesdays from 7-8 p.m. starting next Tuesday, Jan 28.

Registration is $120.

To register for AstroNuts Kids' Space Club go here