Rocky View County Deputy Reeve Kim McKylor is seeking to do what hasn't happened in the Springbank division of Rocky View County Council since 2007.

McKylor has announced her intentions to seek re-election for Division 2 and wants to build upon the body of work from her first term.

McKylor believes the division has been disadvantaged by electing a new councillor every term since the 2007 election. She says it takes time to understand how to work the system and to get the wheels turning.

So far this term, she has brought forward successful motions which resulted in a $2 million capital project at the Springbank Park for All Seasons, a new dog park for Springbank, and the sale of land previously leased by the Cochrane and District Agricultural Society for $1. 

She wants to build upon that success.

"There's a lot to do in Springbank. When I ran in 2017, we had a community that hadn't really had a lot of attention. We have great recreation needs, and it's a growing community with Harmony being an upcoming hamlet, and there's just so much more to do. I think we've made a great dent, but we've got challenges."

These include contending with the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board, Springbank Off-Stream Reservoir (SR1), and now the land purchase across Bow River from the Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park, which is located in division 2.

"I think having an elected official that is familiar with the area and familiar with how to work in the system without that learning curve would be a great advantage to this community." 

She says further recreational projects in the Springbank area could be assisted financially with the $10 million promised by the Alberta Government should SR1 proceed.

While she has voiced opposition to the flood/drought mitigation project, she says indications are it will proceed.

"Springbank hasn't really had significant investment in recreation in forever, so we need a community centre, we need parks, we need pathways. We are a growing community, and so having those amenities for young families and a community centre for all ages is really important to me."

Her campaign will be lower-key during the summer with a larger push in the fall. In the meantime, she'll be watching as to what the climate will be for larger gatherings and candidate forums in the fall.

Since elected, McKylor has chaired both the county council's policy and priorities committee and the recreation government committee. She was a member of RVC's economic recovery task force and was appointed deputy reeve in October 2020.

She also served on the county's agricultural services board, Family and Community Support Services, economic development committee, and school reserves committee. She represented the county on the committees for the Springbank Park for All Seasons and the Spray Lake Sawmills Recreation Park Society.