The Cochrane and Area Events Society has named the Marshalls for the 2016 Labour Day Parade.

The Cochrane Lion's Club Rodeo will lead the parade on Sept. 5, after demonstrating support and leadership for many organizations and causes every year.

Marina Chabbert, Chair of Cochrane and Area Events Society, says they wanted to acknowledge the Cochrane Lion's Rodeo 50th anniversary.

"It's such a culture related event for Cochrane, there's so much history in rodeo in Cochrane and the surrounding area that we want to acknowledge the effort tehy've been putting in for 50 years, to bring that and highlight it throughout that time."

Chabbert explains there are many different criteria the Events Society looks at when naming the parade Marshalls.

"We really look at who throughout the eyar has made a significant impact for community, whether its volutneering, financial, or just putting on things, or just news related, or that represent cocjhrane in the best possible way throughout the year."

Last year, the Labour Day Parade Marshalls were the Kimmet family.