Banff-Airdrie MP Blake Richards is expressing his concerns about the Trudeau Liberal Government's recent cuts to tax credits for families.

The Liberals have eliminated arts, fitness, and education tax credits for families, as well as income splitting for couples with children.

Richards says actions like this are hurting opportunities for families.

"It makes it more difficult when you take away tax credits for things like fitness programming, or arts programming, or post secondary education, or TFSA'S that allow families to be able to save for a variety of different priorities," he says. "These are all things that affect children's opportunities, but it also affects families."

Richards believes the Trudeau Government's goal to increase Canada Pension Plan (CPP) contributions will also hurt families.

"The Liberal Government is now working on this deal to greatly increase our payroll taxes based on CPP premium increases. For a two income working family, that could take as much as $2,200 out of the pockets of a family. When you put that on top of all these other tax credits that they've taken away, that's going to have a significant impact on families."

He would like to see the government "leave families alone", and let them make the best decisions for themselves.

"Ideally if we had a government that understood the principle that Canadians can make the best decisions for themselves, rather than some bureaucrat in Ottawa, we would see the government respect taxpayers. Let them make their own choices about what's best for their household, rather than taking more money out of their pockets, and taxing them to death."

Richards thinks the Liberals have got their priorities wrong.

"The worst part is, we're seeing more taxes come out of our pockets but yet we're still seeing massive deficits run up by this Liberal government. Now they're also making it difficult for Canadians to balance their own budgets, because they are taking thousands more out of their paychecks."