Cochrane's youthful and determined Lives with Less Plastic organization is featured in a Telus Storyhive film released this week.

A June cleanup in the Quarry by the group and its supporters is spotlighted in the film "Recycling in Alberta." Founder Jade Janzen is also interviewed.

"I think it's great," says Janzen. "It definitely highlights all the work that companies and organizations in Alberta are doing for the environment. It's a very good educational tool we can use in school, highlighting what people are doing, and all the innovations and inventions that are coming."

Jade 1A still of Jade Janzen from the film "Recycling in Alberta."

Lives with Less Plastic offers a series of teaching resources on its website. Additional ones are being prepared to complement the documentary. 

"Teachers can use this documentary in their classroom," say suggests. "It will be a whole lesson and really fits well into the Grade 4 curriculum."

She also believes people viewing the documentary can use the information for everyday life.

"I don't have to do anything big, but I'm here, and I can make a difference. Any little thing I do has a big impact. You don't have to be a celebrity or an adult to make a difference."

While there are several speakers in the 42-minute film, it's Janzen who gets the final word. 

"We are accomplishing something, and if more and more youth are coming together and creating a difference, we're going to be noticed more and more and more, and hopefully people are going to take action." 

You can find a link to the film here