Cochrane’s own Michelle Godard-Richer has launched her first published novel, Fatal Hunt.

“It's a classic thriller, edge of your seat pulse-pounding.” says Godard-Richer “My whole intention is to have people unsure of what's gonna happen for every minute of the book leading up to the end.”

“After being widowed and surviving the wrath of a serial killer, Jessica believes her misfortunes are over. She's reunited with her first love, Jon, and together, with her son Bryce, and a baby on the way, they're living their happily ever after on their ranch in Montana. That is until secrets, lies, and a formidable foe from Jon's past emerge to shake the foundation of their relationship, forcing them to flee for their lives.” reads a description of Fatal Hunt 

While this is her first published work, Godard-Richer has been writing books since a young age. She kept honing her craft which eventually lead to the first book in a planned trilogy.

“I started writing pre-COVID and then I stopped when I had to do homeschooling because as we've all learned, homeschooling isn't easy!” 

“Once we got back in the groove, I started writing again. I would say [it took] a year total for Fatal Hunt. The second book actually took a bit longer, it was actually written a few years earlier.”

Becoming a published author is a major milestone for any writer and she says anyone in Cochrane reaching for that goal should just go for it.

“It's a journey, right? You don't need to know much to get going. I actually have a university degree in criminology. I don't have any formal writing training at all besides English class. I just got back into the groove and decided I was going to do it.”

“I found reading from other people's perspectives and their journeys actually helps because everybody's experience is unique. Some people query forever and ever. And then finally, one day somebody says yes, and there you go, you're off to the races, but you have to be really persistent because you're gonna get rejected a lot.”

Fatal Hunt is available now as both an e-book and a physical copy. Cochranites can request the book be ordered here in town at Found Bookshop.

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