There is a new energy and internet company that is locally based and has a fresh new vision for its customers. The company is TASSA and the tag line is Feel good energy and internet.

Residents of Rocky View County and living just outside of Cochrane since 2002, Lyle and Denean Thorsen decided to launch the successful Rocky View Brewing Company back in 2016. Starting out as a  weekend, hobby it has now expanded into a fully operational brewery and a full-time business endeavour.

Lyle Thorsen, a petroleum engineer with more than 20 years of experience in the energy industry exited the oil and gas sector in downtown Calgary in 2019.

Following the success of the Rocky View Brewing Company, Thorsen knew that he wanted to return to the energy sector in some capacity. This led to the idea of TASSA Feel good energy and internet. TASSA stands for The Albertan Supportive and Sustainable Alternative and you can "feel good" about reducing your environmental footprint. It is a company in which “you-have-the-power” to call the shots and that makes you "feel good". 

Thorsen believes that his family-run company can save you money on energy and internet services and you can "feel good" knowing that money is going back into the local community.

A portion of TASSA’s profit will go to local charities like The Cochrane and Area Humane Society, Cochrane Victim Services, and The Cochrane Food Bank to name a few.

The company is brand new since mid-December. Some may think that launching a new company during a pandemic may seem overly daring, but as Thorsen says, “We think it’s perfect timing. We could all use a little more feel good right now.” For more information on TASSA click here.

As an interesting side note to the story: You may remember a young engineering student by the name of Brielle Thorsen, who was the recipient of the Order of the White Rose Scholarship for engineering, she is Lyle's daughter.