Several local churches have teamed up and are organizing a drive-in church service. 

Senior Pastor at Bow Valley Baptist Church, Gary Smith says it's been a while since traditional church services could be held so they wanted to do something for their congregations.

"There's several churches in our community and the area of Cochrane and our leaders, the pastors and leaders of these congregations, we thought it would just be great to gather our faith community here or as many who would like to, to get together and to support one another and care for each other from our cars."

Smith says "Most of our churches haven't had a chance to gather for quite a while and we just thought this would be a huge celebration for us together. Most of the pastors here in town, we are really good friends and we enjoy being together and we know that our congregations will as well."

Smith says church goers will be able to hear the service from their vehicle radio.

"We have an FM transmitter here at Bow Valley Baptist, it's less than one watt so it doesn't require all of the special agreements and all of that. We will use that and people can connect right there on their radio stations and listen to the service while everyone is sitting in the Spray Lake rec centre's parking lot."

Several different churches have signed up to be a part of this event. 

"St. Andrew's United Church is involved in it, Tapestry Church, Bow Valley Baptist Church, Cochrane Alliance and Westbrook Community Church are the ones that are keenly involved and then there are several other churches also in there that are inviting their folks to be involved if they'd like to be."

Smith says they're working on organizing a way for people to register for the service so they can ensure parking isn't an issue. 

"We're expecting maybe a couple hundred vehicles or more to be there, and so we want to be able to line them up so everyone can have a good sightline with those that are leading some music on the stage and then the sharing and the scriptures will be read and prayers and all that, and we'd like everyone to be able to see the stage."

The service will be on Sunday, June 14 at 10 a.m. in the parking lot at Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre.