Schools, pre schools and day cares are closed now for the unforeseeable future and this has a lot of parents with young children scrambling to find balance between working and keeping their kids learning and busy. 

Lyndsey Graham says her biggest tip for parents who are now staying home with their children is to keep them on a routine. 

"My number one thing that I think families should start with is developing a daily routine. It's going to be huge now that schools are closed. I know it seems daunting but I think it'll actually be the biggest tool for everybody out there."

Graham, who has been running a day home for more than six years says she maps out her days.  

"The days that I have gotten away from a daily routine have been the most challenging days. Kids learn to follow that routine, that schedule, they look forward to doing those exciting things. A lot of my day home kids are like, are going to do circle time? When are we going to do circle time? You just have to kind of follow that routine everyday the same way and they get used to that routine so much more."

She says it's good to add variety in their day.

"Throw in some reading, some book time, some outdoor time, music, free play put in the academic studies. Even create a circle time, kids love it. Read them a book, blend in some learning, ABC's, math, science, depending on where your child's level is. Do some yoga, group sharing etc. just make it fun and inviting."

Graham says meal planning is also so important. 

She says if you come up with plans for each day then coming up with ideas for meals don't seem as overwhelming. She says she likes to get her kids involved in choosing what they eat as well. 

She also says there are so many craft ideas online where you can use what you have around the house and kids like to be creative and come up with their own ideas. 

Graham also says reach out to other parents for some ideas. 

There's lot of parents out there who have great ideas and you can work together to create strategies to teach your kids and add curriculum into their day.