It is more than apparent that the pandemic is creating a long list of backlog situations on many fronts.

Recently, radiologists have been sounding the alarm across the country that there is a growing backlog of medical imaging that would be part of that list.

Locally, Mayfair Diagnostics is just over a year old having opened its doors in November of 2020. The local diagnostic imaging clinic has, like all businesses, learned to pivot and adapt to the fluid situation of the COVID-19 pandemic. They learned very early on during the very long pandemic how to become adept in following all health and safety protocols that have been implemented in order to continue to provide imagining services.

91.5 Cochrane Now contacted Mayfair Diagnostics in Cochrane to question whether they were experiencing a backlog of patients as reported from other clinics in various parts of the country, Mayfair replied in a written statement.

First, Mayfair made it clear that as of January 13, 2022, "In our Cochrane clinic, and across our 16 clinic locations, we currently have no employees with a COVID-19 diagnosis, or who are currently isolating."

According to Amber Nason, Content Marketing & Communications Specialist for Mayfair, “COVID-19 has had little to no impact on our ability to serve our patients and we are currently operating at our normal service levels.”

That is not to say that Mayfair did not see an increase in call volumes in 2021 as the statement continues, “Throughout 2021 we have seen an increase in call volumes, which have increased wait times to speak to a booking agent and to book an appointment. We believe that this is mostly due to patients returning to regular face-to-face appointments with their family doctors. Many imaging exams had been put on hold in 2020 when community imaging clinics were offering restricted services in accordance with Alberta Health Services’ recommendation to give priority to diagnostic imaging exams and put screening exams on hold. Now we are seeing many patients booking exams they had delayed booking in 2020.”

What is comforting to know for Cochrane and area residents is, “Despite this increase in demand for exams, Mayfair is able to book most patients for their exam within one or two weeks, depending on the exam type.”

Hopefully, that wait time will continue and not grow longer throughout 2022.