Everyone is adjusting how they operate on a daily basis right now to help stop and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The local fire hall is no different. 

Fire Inspector Jeff Avery says they're taking extra precautions when it comes to exposure. 

"I know here at the fire hall we are asking anybody who is off-duty not to come by if you're not actually working. We have actually had to cancel all public engagements and hall tours which is very understandable."

He says fire fighters work in tight quarters and do spend nights at the fire hall so they are taking extra steps to clean and sanitize.

"We do work very close together but every morning when the new shift comes on they are scrubbing the hall down, disinfecting door handles, disinfecting the stairwell, equipment on the truck, the trucks themselves so we're being very diligent on making sure the hall is very clean and disinfected and sanitized on a daily basis."

Avery says they've had to change some protocol when it comes to responding to emergencies. 

"If you do see us come into your home don't be alarmed when we're wearing safety goggles, masks, gloves and a gown. It's for our protection, it's for your protection. We may ask residents when we're in their home to put on a mask themselves so it's nothing to panic about. We don't want to spread it. We don't want to catch it."

Avery says it's important to remember to not panic and to not hoard items, adding that there's plenty of everything to go around. 

Local groceries stores receive stock on a daily basis. 

He says the key is for everyone to limit exposure and do their part to prevent the spread.