If you're due or overdue for a hair cut you might be having a tough time right now figuring out how to manage your locks while hair salons are closed. 

Cochrane Hair Stylist Lizzie Spouse says now is the time to give your hair a bit of a rest. 

"The best advice I can give to everybody is to just go with it. Let it grow. That's the safest advice. Not always the way we want it to go."

She recommends using this time to let your hair rest, and try styling it in a new way. 

Spouse says there are so many videos and tutorials online and now is a good time to play around with your hair and learn a new skill. 

Maybe learn how to do a french braid on your own hair or finally learn how to create beach waves with your flat iron. 

When it comes to colouring your hair or touching up your roots she says "It's pretty easy to cover darker hair, you can get root kits. Some stylists will now actually offer their clients root kits. It's not as easy to do with lighter hair especially when you've got highlights or baby lights."

Spouse has a few tips when it comes to trimming your bangs.

"Don't use kitchen scissors if you're going to trim your bangs and I've even heard of people using toe nail clippers as well."

"If you're going to go and trim your bangs tip into them. Always do them dry, never do them wet because they'll bounce up. Have your hair styled in the way that it's going to fall because then you can see how it's going to sit naturally and if it goes the worse and it doesn't look right, you can't reverse it but hair does grow."

She says there's no one way to cut your hair because each set of hair is so unique.

Spouse recommends reaching out to your stylist and having a chat with him or her to get some tips on how to deal with your hair growth.

When it comes to giving your kids hair a trim Spouse says have fun with it.

"They're the ones you can practice on and really if they're young enough they don't sit there in front of the mirror and lose their minds if their bangs are wonky"

She recommends taking this time to get your kids into a good hair routine.

"My clients with the best hair are the ones that have now owned it. They know how to style it, they know how to wash it, when to wash it, how to do everything with their head of hair. Start teaching your kids that. Teach them how to brush their own hair and then you're not fighting with them every morning to do it."