While most people are slowly getting back out there to enjoy summer activities and the company of other people, some Cochranites can't. 

Sandra Scott with the Cochrane and Area Hospice Society says they wanted to do something to help lift the spirits of local seniors so they created a contest called Cochrane Kids for Seniors. 

"One thing that we recognize is that even though a lot of things are opening up and people are able to go out and be with their cohorts or go back to a restaurant and do a little bit more shopping, there's one group that will still be more careful and probably still remain very isolated and that's going to be our seniors."

Scott says when they talked to the front line workers who are working directly with seniors they were told that they're still under a lot of stress, so they wanted to do something about that.

"We wanted to try to think of a couple ways that we could help them out so we thought what we could do is try to get young people in town creating letters, posters, cards and dropping them off to the various senior care homes in Cochrane."

She says to add to the fun, there's an incentive. 

"To make it just a little bit more fun we have some prizes. So every Friday, for everyone who has dropped off a card or a poster, we put their name in a draw and they can win movie tickets to the Cochrane Movie House."

Scott says the pictures that they've received so far are adorable, saying "they're bright, they're loving and they're caring."

You can drop them off or they will pick up them up from you.

For pick up, you're asked to text 403-461-3595 and they will come and pick up the items.

If you'd like to drop off you can do so in the bin at 3 West Terrace Drive 

Scott says they're just asking kids to label their work on the back by placing a label or tape with their name and phone number so organizers can get a hold of them if they win!