Adam Wackershauser is the chief instructor and head coach of Ippon Karate Dojo in Cochrane and has had to tweak what he does on a daily basis for this unprecedented time. 

He first started posting karate videos online at the beginning of March before schools were shut down and before the government strongly recommended Albertans to stay home.

Wackershauser says he hadn't done any video editing since he was in high school at Bow Valley High. 

"I started pre-recording episodes to go through the content that I wanted to do and then I started to be a bit more creative once I got more of a handle on it."

"It's been a challenge but it's been fun because I've had great engagement. the parents have been very happy and all of my adult members as well and i'm getting them to send videos so I can critique them of when they're doing their training. It's as good as you can hope for during a time like this. I'm just telling everybody that I am trying to make some lemonade right now."

He is posting videos for his students but also a variety of videos for general members of the public. 

"I'm trying to post a couple a week that are free for the community of Cochrane. Trying to keep kids fit and parents sane while they're at home and getting everything going. So I've been trying to make a few a week that people can just go onto youtube, log on and work their way through it."

For more information and to access his videos go here.