Twenty-two innocent people lost their lives earlier this week in Canada's largest mass shooting in history. 

RCMP investigators are still scouring through 16 crime scenes in Nova Scotia as they try to get a clearer picture of what happened last weekend. 

Even though we're across the country Cochrane's Royal Canadian Legion is showing its support.

Legion Treasurer Betty Mazurik says they're asking Cochranites to wear red today.

"The Legion encourages the wearing of red to support our Canadian heroes. It's a proud tradition inspired by the red Friday's initiative that began to support our Canadian troops in Afghanistan."

Mazurik says it's something small that we can do here to show our support for the victims. 

"Not only do we want to support the RCMP officer who lost her life but all the other victims in Nova Scotia so we thought this was a great initiative from the union so the Legion is very aware of it and we want everybody to wear red to support our fellow Canadians in Nova Scotia."

"Just a sign of respect for the RCMP officer and all the other victims too and their families, their friends, their colleagues, everybody who is going through this mourning. It's just a horrible, horrible tragedy."

There will be a two minute moment of silence at 2 p.m. Atlantic Standard time today in Nova Scotia, which is 11 a.m. our time. 

Mazurik says they're encouraging Cochrane residents to stand out on their driveways or front lawns at 11 o'clock, wear red and give two minutes of silence for everybody in Nova Scotia.

The Cochrane RCMP will have officers in Red Serge at the Cochrane Downtown Cenotaph observing the moment as well.  

But, Mounties have asked that community members stay at home and not gather publicly to adhere to social distancing rules surrounding COVID-19.