A small group of nurses spent their breaks walking up and down Quigley Drive on Thursday morning protesting impending cuts to health care. 

It felt like -15C with the wind while the group marched with their signs saying "I Love nurses" and "I Love Public Health Care". 

Florence Borgens who is a Registered Nurse at Bethany Cochrane says she's been nursing for 38 years and she's fearful. 

"I'm actually afraid. I am 64-years-old and getting close to retirement but I don't want to be forced out of a job. I work full-time and I have worked full-time for almost 38-years and i'm scared. I'm scared for everybody."

Borgens says the feeling amongst her co-workers and residents is fear and frustration. 

"We're worried for our residents because they're the ones that are going to suffer and every Albertan if they have any issues. If they're a senior, if they need surgery..."

She says nurses are saying no to government health care cuts, eliminating nurses jobs, closing hospitals, rolling back nurses contracts, to two-tier and private health care and no to contracting out home care services. 

The group spent about an hour protesting in Cochrane before heading in to work their shifts.

Borgens says nurses from all over the province were taking a stand and protesting today.