It wasn't that long ago that the Alberta Health Services (AHS) booking system for COVID-19 vaccinations crashed, with an influx of Albertans eager to get their shots.

For months Albertans were waiting to become eligible, setting alarms when their turn finally came around and many residents were being placed on waitlists for weeks on end.

The province reached a milestone earlier this week with over five million doses reaching the arms of Albertans, now the tables have quickly turned and there's more supply than demand across the province.

Reid Kimmett is an Owner and Operations Manager at Two Pharmacy and he says that while he knew the tapering off would happen eventually, it's happening sooner than he anticipated.

"It happened much more suddenly than expected, and kind of at the time when supply also seemed to really increase," says Kimmett. "We have more vaccines available than ever and very few arms to give them to right now."

Kimmett is worried that Two Phrmacy's supply of Pfizer and Moderna will go to waste if they're not used up soon. He explains that there are some tricky logistics when it comes to the shelf life of the vaccines.

"We have a month to use them once they arrive and we do have some Moderna that's about two weeks [old] now," says Kimmett. "We're not quite at that deadline but it's coming." He says another obstacle is that a vile needs to be used up within 24 hours after a dose has been taken out of it.

Kimmett says that it would be a shame to waste their vaccine supply and a disservice to the community.

"We have appointments for both Pfizer and Moderna and we really want to be able to provide this service to our community and make sure that none of these doses go to waste."

Two Pharmacy is holding three vaccination clinics starting this afternoon. Cochranites will be able to receive shots of Moderna from now until Friday, July 23 and they will be holding a Pfizer clinic on Saturday, July 24.

Kimmett recommends calling the Pharmacy to book an appointment beforehand but he says that they'll also take walk-ins while quantities last.