Marie Veroni is one of many local photographers who is improvising and trying to lift spirits during these trying times. 

Veroni, who runs a photography business out of her home in Sunset Ridge, is taking part in The Front Steps Project.

She is going around to her neighbours homes and doing a photo shoot from a safe social distance away.

Veroni uses a telescopic lens and captures families on their front porch or step.  

"I think if we just keep our distance it's a really great thing. Especially right now, a lot of people are going through so much emotions right now. People are sad, people are depressed and I think it's a good idea to cheer up our neighbours."

She says people are home right now so it's been easier to schedule these mini photo shoots.

"Also very rare that everybody is pretty much home. I have been a photographer for a while now and the booking process is usually complicated because we have to make sure everybody is available or the time works for the children but at this moment all we really have right now is time."

Veroni is asking that her clients make a donation to the local food bank. 

"I was directing people to go to the Cochrane Activette's website because we have always supported the food bank and made donations. Giving any amount will do, it doesn't matter, it'll make a big difference."

For more information on how you can connect with Marie go here.