There are four RCMP sketch artists in all of Alberta and one of them calls Cochrane home. RCMP Constable Nathan Moore is a Community Resource Officer with the Cochrane RCMP detachment but as he puts it his "side job, is forensic facial imaging artist or sketch artist." 

Constable Moore says that he has always enjoyed drawing and after he became an RCMP officer, the opportunity to take the sketch artist course came up and he was intrigued. However, at first, they told him his drawing wasn't good enough but, that didn't deter him. He bought himself a book and started practicing in earnest. The second time around his drawings was good enough and the rest is history. Moore has been sketching since 2009 and at one point was the only sketch artist in the entire province at which time he did forty sketches.

Moore says that he has now taken 8 weeks of courses and has had the opportunity to travel all over Alberta to perform his art. He says he has about 200 sketches in his portfolio and that it is extremely satisfying when one of his drawings leads to an arrest. 

A common misconception is that a police sketch should look exactly like the suspect but Moore says, "It's supposed to be more like a caricature so it's like the features stand out." 

When asked if technology has impeded upon his sketching, Moore replies, "I find it very difficult for me, personally to draw pictures on an iPad pro it's just not the same as drawing on paper."