Cochranite Natalie Roy who teachers Jr. High at a francophone school in Calgary is recommending that parents cut themselves some slack and stick to the guidelines when it comes to trying to teach your kids.

"My biggest advice would be to remember that the Government has set out some guidelines, for elementary school students it's about five hours per week and I would really tell parents to actually do that and not go much more than that because this is really hard on the kids and I think they need to do things with us that aren't always school."

Roy says the kids can be learning all day long but they don't need to be sitting at a desk all day to do that. 

"After the hour, you're done for the day and enjoy the company. Do some quality time together, do some art together, whatever you want to do, go outside as long as you're keeping a safe distance and try and just limit it to the guidelines the government has set out."

She says all of these abrupt changes have been really difficult for teachers. 

Especially since they didn't have time to say good bye to their students.

"It's really hard. They're your second family and it's unprecedented to have to go to something so uncertain. You never get to see them, you're just suddenly cut off." 

Roy, who is also a mom to two young children says she is also trying to figure out how she's going to get a footing on being a mom and a teacher at home. 

She like so many others is trying to find balance with work expectations and teaching her own kids.