A Cochrane woman has teamed up with a group of four others to write a book that will help you to focus on how to make better connections with yourself and with others. 

The book is called Being a Better Human Being at Work & Home: A Kick-Ass Reminder to Be Better and it's available on Amazon. 

Robynn Stirrett is an Executive Coach at Pivotal Coaching and is part of the Being a Better Human Collective which has just published this book and has also developed the Better Human Challenge Cards that are geared for friends, parties, schools and corporate team building.

Stirrett says the book has "kind of like a 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' type feel. Each one of us took a section and wrote up the things that resonated and spoke to us as part of our journey. We're all coaches from Royal Roads University, we've all been on this development journey and what we keep hearing from people is missing those opportunities to connect to people and we've distilled it down to that."

She says the way Cochranites have rallied together during this unprecedented time is fitting for the theme of the book. 

"All of the people of the community coming together and the movie house and their food drive and different organizations getting together to do the bottle drive to make sure that we can take care of each other so that really struck me and that's essentially what we're trying to do as well."

Stirrett says this book is timely now that a lot of people's schedules have cleared up during this COVID-19 pandemic. 

"We've got the space to change those habits, to break the habit of being so busy living in the future or worrying about the past and missing the opportunities that are right in front of us. Having that extra space to really breathe and step back, slow down and put the energy and the intention behind into the way we connect with others."

She says "As an organization, we remind people, it's sort of something to tether people to come back to be present and to be mindful and deliberate about the interactions they're having no matter where they are"

Stirrett co-wrote the book with Leitha Cosentino, Steve Brierley, Paul Lamoureux and Maria Anderson.

She says she plans to host a book launch party in the near future. 

You can purchase the book here.