Abracadvers, a locally shot web series has been recognized all over the world by receiving over 35 award nominations and wins. Alberta-based production company Numera Films, teamed up with the Washington-based company Zombie Orpheus Entertainment to distribute the series. The web series was shot in and around Cochrane during the summer of 2018, including many shots done in local businesses.

Co-Producer and actor in Abracadavers, Griffin Cork explains the plot of the series,“ It follows a group of teens, that are trying to convince one of their friends to kind of get out his slump because he recently lost his mother. So they kidnap him and take him on a road trip. Throughout the trip, some supernatural abilities start to form with the group and they run into some certain organizations because of that and it goes from there”

"Basically a whole bunch of kids establishing their identity in the real world but also in the superhero world.”

After premiering at over 20 festivals around the world, Abracadvers will be available on January 1, 2020, on iTunes Canada, The Fantasy Network and Telus’ Optik TV.

Check out the trailer for Abracadvers below and you can learn more about the series here