Tomorrow we celebrate Canada's 153 birthday and the forecast in Cochrane is looking cool and wet.

Luckily, that won't put a damper on celebrations around town, since there are plenty of fun activities planned that can be enjoyed from the warmth and comfort of your home or vehicle.

The Cochrane and Area Events Society will be holding a drive-by parade that will be visiting most Cochrane neighbourhoods starting tomorrow afternoon 12:40 in Cochrane Heights. Cochranites can look forward to having superheroes and princesses make an appearance in their neighbourhoods, as well as enjoy online activities and entertainment.

The Young Professionals Rotary Club of Cochrane is also hosting a drive-in movie showing of Back To The Future tomorrow night. Both events can be enjoyed while still staying warm and dry.

According to Environment Canada meteorologist Dan Kulak, most of Southern Alberta can expect a cool and wet Canada Day forecast. He says "Canada Day this year does seem to be dominated by a cool, wet weather pattern. We are looking at in general a broad area of rain, some cool temperatures and probably some wind as well for Canada Day across much of Southern Alberta this year."

Weather won't be a problem virtually though, Cochrane and Area Events Society's Virtual Canada Celebration starts at 12 noon. For more information click here.

Canada's 153 birthday is scheduled to end with a bang! CAES has an impressive fireworks display planned that will be choreographed to music from 91.5FM CochraneNow. This year's fireworks will be bigger and better than ever before and will be able to be seen from virtually anywhere in Cochrane.

Be sure to also keep an eye out for the CochraneNow cruiser in tomorrow's parade.