Jim Darby and Tony Moores saw a need to provide an opportunity for young people facing challenges, and have launched a new small job service.

Called Make a Difference Maintenance, its workforce will be mobilized to help with household projects while providing temporary and transitional jobs for young people.

Darby says they are launching the service on Nov. 2 and have received numerous inquiries.

"We've already got residents that have signed up to be part of this initiative," says Darby. "We've got a lot of staff that are really keen to be part of this team, that are not holding down full-time jobs and are looking to get out of their house and deliver something to their own community."

Services include odd jobs like snow removal, gardening, yard care, painting, and lifting heavy objects.

Darby is retired from the British military, and Moores is a veteran of law enforcement, most recently with the Calgary Police Service. They met by chance and shared a common concern over the challenges being faced by youth. Struggles in finding employment have left many isolated, discouraged, and uncertain about their future.

The challenges have proven to be even greater with the double-whammy of the pandemic and Alberta's major economic downturn.

"It dawned on me there was an opportunity to offer some help for young adults, in particular, and Tony was thinking along the same line. I couldn't believe we just met and were on the same page."

Darby says they've already recruited about a half dozen people for the team.

"It's a win-win of our staff being supported while supporting the local community."

Both Moore and Darby will be using their extensive background in team-building to assist the company's workers.

"One of the really special things about this project is that on some of the off days, myself and Tony will be taking the team on team building initiatives. We will maintain the motivation of the staff by offering them hiking, yoga, and other recreational activities."

You can find more details here.