Curbside organic collection information is currently being rolled out.

Over the next two weeks, Fabrizio Bertolo, Town of Cochrane, Manager Waste and Recycling, along with his team are going door to door with calendars choke full of important information regarding the new curbside pick up and other valuable town resource information.

"We are the first community in Alberta to do a physical calendar and we are very proud of that."

Bertolo shares as they get closer and closer to implementation more and more information will be coming out, but the calendar will provide important information.

"We have five different areas of collection  in town. We have Monday collection, Tuesday collection, Wednesday collection, Thursday and Friday, so we are going to have five different calendars  and each household is going to receive their specific calendar with the specific collection days for that area. Each area has different collection days."

Bertolo adds doing one calendar would have been confusing, so to take out the guess work the calendar you receive will be specific to your collection.

A thing to note is black and blue bin pick up will be done on one day and green bin will be the day after.

"We decided to go with two collection days because several areas is already having two carts outside on the same day. It's a problem with parking, space, for several reasons, so to add an extra cart where there is already issues would be a big problem for everybody so that's why we decided to go with two collection days next year."

For the most part feedback has been very positive, and Bertolo knows it will take time for residents to adjust. Education is key when it comes to rolling out a program like this.

"I am finding a lot of positive reviews when talking to people in Cochrane; people sometimes just see the obstacles and problems in implementing a new program it is not easy to change habits but when you talk to them, when you explain to them why they are doing and why the reasons are, they do really appreciate the program."

Beside reducing greenhouse gas, Bertolo adds residents are excited to learn that the compost will come back to benefit residents for use in their backyards and gardens.

First day of collection will be April 18, and carts will be delivered at the end of March. For any additional information on the organics program you can contact Bertolo at